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Apple asks iPhone 12 users to steer clear of pacemakers and other implanted medical devices

Apple has introduced two products in its range of smartphones, the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Although these gadgets look similar, they are worlds apart in terms of user interface and application scope. The iPhone is a smartphone that runs on the iOS platform, whereas the iPod Touch is designed to be a multi-purpose device that can be used on the go. Both devices run on the iOS operating system and have a wide range of applications installed on them. But, which ones are best?

Features of iPhone:

Let’s see what features each phone has to offer. The iPhone has a wide array of built-in apps, which can be used with its own network provider or any other service provider. These apps are generally considered as being more efficient than those that you would get on other phones. But, it’s worth bearing in mind that these apps cost money and you need to pay for them. Hence, it is imperative that you decide what apps you need before buying the iPhone.

Popular App

One of the most popular apps that come pre-installed on the iPhone is iBooks. It enables you to read books on your phone, even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. This means you can carry out book reviews on flights, hotels, restaurants, and even on your travels and can leave all your books where they are while you are on the move. In addition to this, there are many other books available on the device such as travel guides, magazines, and newspapers.

Most Important Features

Another popular app that you can find on the iPhone is Maps. It helps you with navigating through real-world locations. This way you will never get lost in a big city. Maps also give you the option of adding location coordinates so that you won’t get lost.

If you own an iPad, you will be glad to know that there is an app for the Apple iPhone. Unlike the Maps application found on the iPhone, the Maps app on the iPad can help you with more than just driving. For example, it also shows you a map of your home, and lets you see where your nearest Starbucks is, or if a movie theater is near you.

Maps App in iPhone 

The Maps app can also help you with weather reports and online stores. It also has a built-in dictionary which makes it easier for you to translate words and enter searches. This means you don’t have to constantly look up words that you are unfamiliar with. There are many synonyms and pronunciations of common words that you can use instead.


In order to use some of these applications on your iPhone, you need to be within reach of a Wi-Fi network. Although your iPhone was made to use airwaves, in order to use one of these apps, you will have to stay connected to a wireless network. This means if you are traveling abroad and you don’t have an iPhone to use abroad, you will have to use another form of communication, like your laptop. For most people, this isn’t a major issue, but if you travel frequently, you may want to consider purchasing an iPhone Air Purifier. These devices eliminate viruses and other harmful objects from entering the electronic device. Even if you do not have an Air Purifier, you should still purchase a data cable to connect your iPhone to a laptop or other portable device.

How Health app is useful?

The Health app is useful for those who want to keep track of their fitness. You can enter the weekly target calories that you plan to burn off, and the iPhone will show you how many calories you’ve burned off during each session. The Health app also has an alarm feature that reminds you when you’re close to hitting your target. This gives you an incentive to continue exercising because it motivates you to make sure you don’t fail.

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