Could meme stocks like GameStop kill Bitcoin’s rise?

One morning in October, the curtain came down on what could be a major turning point in the volatile markets around the world. On that day the price of bitcoins reached an all-time high of over three hundred dollars per coin. Then overnight, it dropped as low as two hundred and sixty-three. What does this mean for you if you are holding an ounce of bitcoins?

Taxation illegal

If you have been in this market long enough, you know that there are times when the market can move against you without any obvious reason. For instance, the United States government passed a bill recently that will tax certain financial transactions by virtual means, and they call this taxation illegal. Many economic commentators believe that the move is designed to increase the value of the dollar abroad, which in turn benefits American exporters, manufacturers, and traders. But others argue that it is a necessary step in the direction of a free market, in which power tends to corrupt no one. There are many other theories about why this may be taking place, but ultimately, it is impossible to say with certainty what is happening. What is clear is that investors who are looking to get into the market need to understand how it works.

The First Question you should ask Yourself

The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you are investing for yourself or for someone else. If you are a large institutional investor, like Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch, you may want to think about putting your money into a fund that specifically invests in bitcoins. These funds usually have strict requirements for minimum deposits, minimum distributions, and annual fees. They also have a diversified portfolio, which may not include any investment in bitcoins. If you are only interested in putting your money in the market yourself, you should be aware that you will need to know how to read the market and how to interpret price fluctuations. This can be a daunting task for someone who has not had much experience in this area.

How the Bitcoins could Kill Bitcoins Rise

While you may be anxious to know how the bitcoins could kill bitcoins rise, you should keep in mind that the market will always have volatility. Volatility is a function of risk and prices will rise and fall depending upon how volatile things are in any given industry. People often panic when they see the price of one commodity rising drastically, only to find that it has since fallen back down. The same thing can happen with the price of bitcoins. However, there is no reason to get too overly concerned because this kind of market movement does happen all the time.

Why the Bitcoins could Kill Bitcoins Rise

One theory about why the bitcoins could kill bitcoins rise is if there are more people who start using it. Right now there are already a high number of people who have heard about it but not do anything with it due to its high volatility. They may hold onto their bitcoins for a little bit, then decide they would like to sell some or all of them. When they realize that the market is too volatile for their tastes, they simply liquidate their stash and move on. This could cause the market to lose a lot of its value.

GameStop kill Bitcoin’s rise

Another theory as to why the bitcoins could kill the bitcoins rise involves a group of hackers who want to control the market by manipulating it. They would do this by trying to make it go up, then bring it down hard and fast so it will be impossible to raise it again. This could cause the market to lose a lot of its value pretty quickly and could hurt people’s financial statements.

How can Stop the Hacking

If this theory is correct, it will be interesting to see what the regulators do about it. At the very least, the government will need to step in and try to stop the hacking that could cause the market to be hacked. At worst, they might step in and shut down trading entirely. In a world where electronic commerce is becoming the norm, the last thing anyone wants is to have the bitcoins rise to heights that bring the economy into bad financial shape. Regulators would also have to determine if there are any other ways to keep the market from being manipulated.

The fact is that you could probably explain the bitcoins rise with anything you like. Some say it is all related to hackers, others say it is speculators, and others still say that it is both. No matter what you think, though, you should understand that this particular market has certainly begun to change and possibly sooner than many people think. If you want to trade in this sort of market, it is important that you understand how it works and what you can look forward to in the future.

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