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(FIXED) Fallout 4 Infinite Loading Screen

Are you facing a Fallout 4 infinite loading screen problem?

Don’t spoil your mood. Try these hacks to cut down screen time to load Fallout 4 and enjoy playing your new game in 2021.

Let’s find out;

Fixes for Fallout 4 infinite loading screen

Sometimes, Fallout 4 takes a long loading on-screen due to software issues. When you install too many things simultaneously, it will corrupt the system due to memory issues or corrupted files.

Try these Fixes;

Solution 1: Disable Cloud Sync

When the game tries to save long-length files but doesn’t have a fast speed of uploading, then Fallout 4 infinite loading screen issue occurred. Try to disable the cloud sync.

To do it, follow these simple steps:

  • In Steam, click on the LIBRARY
  • Now right-click on option Fallout 4 and select Properties.
  • Click on UPDATES, now uncheck Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Fallout 4.

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • After that, save all these settings and restart the Stream.

Let’s run Fallout 4 game and check if the issue is fixed or not.

Solution 2: Change Frame Rate

It means images on the screen refreshes per second. When you select the frame rate per second according to requirements, long loading on the Fallout 4 screen may occur. If you uncap the FPS rate, it will fix this issue automatically.

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

Let’s try these simple steps;

  • Navigate the option Fallout 4 folder.
  • Select the option ini.
  • Change it to iPresentInterval=1 to 0.

Solution 3: Edit Preferences

The next way to solve the Fallout 4 infinite loading screen issue is to edit this game’s preferences and add some settings preferences.

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • Select the Fallout 4 installation folder.
  • Now double click on the ini option and open it.
  • Add these settings in General.
  1. iNumHWThreafs=X
  2. uExterior Cell Buffer=64
  • After that, save these settings.

Now reboot the Fallout 4 game to check if the loading screen time is speeding up or not.

Solution 4: Disable the Vertical Sync

The game allows the players to set the game FPS rate according to the monitor FPS rate. This method is normally used to increase the graphics quality of the game. Still, due to these changes, sometimes long loading screen time issues happened.

Here are some steps to follow;

  • Launch the game and select the Options button from the menu.
  • Click on videos and then select Graphics.
  • After that, turn on VSync off option

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • Save these settings and restart your Fallout 4 games.

After following the above solution steps, check the infinite loading screen problem. Otherwise, move on to the next solution.

Solution 5: Update the Driver

This issue may occur due to a corrupted or outdated graphic driver, so you have to upgrade the driver through Device Manager. Follow these steps;

  • Open the Run window option and launch the option Device Manager and click OK.
  • Double click on Display adapters.
  • Now right click on the graphics card and select the Update driver

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • A window popped up; now select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • The window will search for the latest driver software and download it to install it on your computer.

Now restart your PC and check the speed of the loading screen.

Solution 6: Move Fallout 4 on SSD

When you are using Hard Disc Drive to play the game, it will slow the loading screen time, so you have to move Fallout 4 on SSD to speed up the disc performance.

  • First, launch the Steam
  • Click on the Steam option and select Settings.
  • Now select the option Downloads and click on Steam Library Folders.

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • Choose the location to save Fallout 4 on SSD and make a new steam library folder.
  • You can set the name of the New Folder according to your choice and select OK.

When you move your game on SSD, reboot your PC and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 7: Update Operating System

When the operating system is outdated, then you might face a Fallout 4 infinite loading screen issue. If the above solutions did not work properly, try this quick solution to fix the long loading issue.

Try these steps;

  • First, press Win+Iand open settings
  • In homepage Settings, click on Update & Security.
  • Now choose Windows Update and click on the option Check for updates.

fallout 4 infinite loading screen

  • Follow instructions to finish the update.

Now reboot your PC and run the game Fallout 4, then check the loading speed.


Hopefully, this guide will help to solve this problem, and you can have the best gaming experience.  If you have any suggestions or queries, do comment below. We would love to hear your suggestions.

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