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Fixes on No Module Named “NumPy” Error

What happens when you face a No Module “NumPy” Error on Python. Searching on the internet for a permanent fix to “modulenotfounderror” is one hell of a job as not a single place explains a straightforward solution to this bug.

Working on Python environment and facing this no module named “NumPy” error is a common issue. To get rid of this no module error on Python, we have explained a brief guide through which you can prevent this error from frequently popping up each time you run a program.

Why does terminal say no module named NumPy?

If you are using a Windows Terminal Version 8.0 or higher, you must have faced no module NumPy error working on Python.

The primary reason why this error comes every time the Python environment is used is because of the file path issue. When you install Python software, the file with all the relevant directives is saved to a path location.

The primary reason why Terminal Say No Module Named NumPy when running Python to command is:

  • Environment Variables are installed in the Control Panel of your computer system when Python is installed.
  • Site Packages of your software are not located in the file installation location.

Therefore, when you type “python” on the command prompt, >>> appears. This generates an error because of the environment variable restriction.

Fix 1: How to Resolve No Module NumPy Fault?

To fix the no module NumPy error on Python, you should try the following easy steps. The central point is to develop environment variables for the software to run smoothly.

Go through the steps mentioned below to resolve no module python error.

  1. Go to System
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click System and Security
  4. Open Advanced System Settings
  5. Move to Advanced Tab
  6. Open “Environment Variables”
  7. Click NEW
  8. Name the Environment Variable

After renaming the environment variable, set its value to point site-packages for Lib.

Now, after you have successfully created an environment variable and sets its value to site-packages, restart or reboot your computer. This is the generic solution to solving no module named NumPy.

Fix 2: Alternative Way to Resolve NumPy Module Bug

If the way mentioned earlier doesn’t work for your computer when working with the python environment, you can try the following method to fix no module NumPy error.

After importing a module, the Python software looks for the directories to match its variables. The No module error is generated when Python is unable to search for the module. You can use the following code in such a case.

1- import sys

2- print(sys.path)

In case the NumPy module is not present or stored in the directory which has been searched against, you can add a different code for it.

1- import sys

2- sys.path.append(“NumPy_path”)

3- import NumPy

You can also install the NumPy module using pip or other site-packages. The fundamental issue which we want to resolve is to store the directories. By following the above-mentioned technique, you can instantly fix the no module NumPy error.

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