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How to Solve “JAVA ERROR: Unreachable Statement”

Want to get rid of unreachable statement java error? That’s a common error while doing java programming.

Why are you worrying too much? It’s not something that you can’t solve.

Hold on the solution is here;

What Makes a Statement Unreachable in Java?

Your code statements are not executed properly; then, the compiler detects this unreachable statement code.

The java error occurs in programming and coding, so it happens due to some common reasons. You can easily detect this error, but first, you have to find out why this java error happened?

The compiler analyzes programs’ control flow and finds this error in it, which is unreachable code statements.

unreachable statement java

This error occurs due to;

  • Unreachable Statement While Loop
  • Error Code After an Infinite Loop
  • Return Statement Issue
  • Error Code After a Break or Complete Statement

Unreachable statement while loop

Suppose the programing statements of a while loop are not right, so the loop’s codes will not perform properly. Then it makes the code unreachable to while loop and the java error code detected.

Error code after an infinite loop

Suppose the compiler detects the code statements are not executing after an infinite loop, or might be the full code is not executing after an infinite loop. In that case, this error will occur.

Return statement error

In programming, the return statement will terminate the whole process of executing code statements. If you make any code statement after the return function, all the statements after these will be unreachable.

Error code after a break or complete statement 

When the programing code statements break or continue statements, the compiler detects this unreachable error of statements. This is because the continued statements sometimes skip the iteration or maybe move the iteration to the next.

These are the possible reasons for unreachable statements java error now; let’s jump straight to the solution.

How to Solve the Unreachable Statement in Java?

Try to find out first what the compiler detects or telling you about the error. After that, follow these methods to fix this java error in your programming.

  1. Methode: ( return statement in java error )

When you find a return statement error,  it means the return statement is missing in programming codes.

  • Add the return statement in your code

unreachable statement java

  • Now compile the programming code

unreachable statement java

  • After that, run the program

unreachable statement java

After following these steps, your problem will be solved.

  1. Methode: ( return statement error within if/for/while )

When the return statement containing these if/while/for within the code, not after the code, then you will get this error.

Now add the return statement in your programing codes;

  • Add the return statement within the code

unreachable statement java

  • Now Compile the coding program

unreachable statement java

  • Let’s run the program

unreachable statement java

After following this method, your java error will be fixed.

  1. Methode: ( Infinite loop )

Suppose you write the “if” statement under the statement “Break,” then all the statements under this keyword will never execute ever. Because the condition is not true, try to put the right coding and use the “If” statement before the “Break” statement.

unreachable statement java


If we add statements in the infinite loop after the keyword “Continue,” this error will happen because the statement jumps to the “for” loop. So try to write statements outside the infinite loop to fix this java error.

unreachable statement java

  1. Methode: ( If you are not a Programmer )

All the java errors are programming errors, so you have to be a good programmer to fix them. You must understand the flow of codes and programming. So if you are not a good programmer and don’t know about programming, seek help from a professional java programmer.


The above methods will help you to solve the unreachable statement java error in just 15 minutes. If you are a professional java programmer, you won’t find it hard at all.

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