Leading 5 Most Famous Smartphones in United States of America 2021

Which among the leading smartphones in the United States of America would you say is the “king”? We would suggest that it would be the Apple iPhone, with its user-friendliness, wide variety of applications, and overall excellence. It also has one of the most powerful digital camera apps around. There are many people that compare the iPhone to a real camera, as it does not require you to download extra apps, but instead, you can take the perfect pictures with the one that comes built into the phone.

Best iPhone in the Market:

When the iPhone was first introduced, there were not too many competitors in the smartphone market. Today, with more than forty million units sold, it has become the market leader. With such tremendous success, it would be easy to assume that the iPhone is the most famous smartphone in the world today. However, that title could very well be shared by some other smartphones in the market.

In terms of sheer popularity, there is no doubt that the iPhone leads the pack. While other smartphones have had their moments in the limelight, none has had the kind of sustained and incredible popularity that the iPhone has enjoyed. It is hard to think of another smartphone that has been so successful. This only means one thing – the leading smartphone in the United States of America is the iPhone.

Samsung and HTC:

Samsung and HTC have had their moments in the sun, too. However, these companies barely cracked 20 million units sold. Apple, on the other hand, has managed to sell two million iPhones since it introduced the product in June of 2007. This simply means that the iPhone has a very big fan base in the United States of America.

If there is a smartphone that is considered the leader of the market by a long shot, it would be the Android mobile operating system. There are many reasons why this market leader still holds the lead in the smartphone market. One of the reasons why Android phones are so popular among consumers is the wide array of features that they offer. Users can download an app to make a personalized alarm, control their media and internet usage, play games, and even check their email on the go.

LG and Nokia:

LG and Nokia smartphones are two other extremely popular choices in the market. These two companies offer an excellent range of products, but LG’s popularity may have something to do with the company’s association with LG. The two companies merged to form the LG Group, and their partnership with one another created the LG Plasma. LG also produces an excellent range of LG phones in other regions of the world. As with other smartphones, the LG phones in the United States of America offer high performance and a large number of applications.

LG and Nokia

Samsung and HTC smartphones rank third and fourth respectively in the smartphone market in the United States of America. In terms of price, the two leaders offer smartphones that are within the same price range as some of the mid-range and budget smartphones from other manufacturers in the market today. This does not mean that these two companies do not have their own unique product lines. Each of these companies has a stylishly designed, visually impressive user interface, and a wide array of useful applications. The HTC Desire HD for example offers a beautiful, elegant screen that looks like that of an expensive LCD television. Users will also find that this phone is very easy to use and runs smoothly as well as quickly.

iPhone Sales in Market:

No other smartphone manufacturer commands as large a percentage of the smartphone market as Apple. The iPhone and iPad smartphones alone account for over 50 percent of all sales of smartphone devices in the market. Apple has been named the leading provider of applications by several publications. The company is also continuously making new additions to its iPhone lineup. In terms of service, the iPhone has always ranked first for its accessibility to millions of customers, as well as its variety of features that make it so easy to use. In order to take the lead position as the leader in smartphone technologies, Apple needs to quickly develop an excellent product line, such as the iPhone 4, and enter a new segment of the market with an impressive new, and innovative product.

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