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[SOLVED] Command Python egg_info failed with Error Code 1

Have you ever faced Command Python egg_info failed with error code 1? Let me share my experience with you. Yesterday, I was trying hard to install Jupyter but this frustrating error stoped me to install it.

That confused me so hard but the solution is not that much confusion.

Let’s start with the Command setup first.

How do we use Python Tool?

Python is basically a programing language and uses the command to activate the programs. First, you have to install and run the tool and then try to install the main project.

Follow these steps to install the Python tool;

  • First, check the pip tool is already installed or not.
  • After that verify the Python installation and then proceed further.
  • Now Download the pip tool and get the py tool.
  • Setup Windows command.
  • Install pip tool on Window.
  • Check the pip version if it suits the project or not.
  • Now verify the installation configuration.

Python setup tool installation is done.

But what? 

Python egg_info command failed with error code 1 and it means project operation is not permitted. This is the most irritating situation for me.

command python egg_info failed with error code 1

Let’s head our way to some easy peasy solution to get rid of this error in no time.

How to fix this error?

Later on, I realized that the tool is outdated and it’s a previous version which is why this error happened.

Here is how you can upgrade the setup tool and Fix this Error;

  • Install the latest version of the pip setup tool with the pip package name.

                     Command: pip install ” Package Name “

  • Try to install the latest specific version so type the package name with version details.

                     Command: pip install “Package Name ==1.4”

  • if you want to upgrade the previously installed version then type

                    Command: PyPi:>>pip install–upgrade PackageName

All these commands are the best-proven solutions for this error.

Final Thoughts

This error frustrates me like hell but after few minutes I realize it’s not that hard to fix this issue. If you are facing this error and you don’t know at all about this whole issue, here is a precise guide for you to help.

Try these commands to solve the error in just a few minutes. If you have more questions or suggestions related to this error code do let us know in the comment section below.

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