Tips for a Perfect Faux Eyelash Growth

Are you one of those women who are having problems applying your eye makeup lashes? Do you want to know how you can avoid the mistakes that make your makeup look bad and leave you with an ugly eyelash? There are tips for a perfect flawless application of your eye makeup and some you might already have been doing but are unaware of.

Tips for a Perfect Faux Eyelash Growth:

The following tips are:

Start applying first by washing your lashes thoroughly. If possible, try to remove all dirt, dust, and other particles from your lashes. You can use a mascara wand or a brush to clean your lashes. This will prevent clumping your eyelashes.

After removing all the previous particles, apply a primer to your eyelashes. primer is a clear coat that will help protect your eyelashes. It also makes the connections between your eye shadow, mascara, and lash color easier to blend. You can either prime your lashes before you start applying or after you’ve applied all your makeup. The latter option is recommended so that you do not have to keep rubbing your eyelashes to get them blended.

Next, use a mascara that is the right strength for your lashes. Thinner ones need more effort to get them to stick together. If your lashes are too heavy, then you are putting too much on your eyelashes and this will make them appear lumpy. If they are too light, then you may need to reapply the mascara. You can ask your eye makeup artist to give you tips on what type of mascara to use.

Step by Step Process:

Start by curling your lashes. Curling your lashes provides stiffness to them so that they do not stand out. Also, curling your eyelashes will take a lot of the weight from your eyelashes and make them look fuller. Before curling, use your curling fingers to hold back your eyelashes so that they are not pulled apart.

Start from the bottom of your eyelashes and pull your upper lashes toward your eyes. This will create a lift on your upper lashes and also create volume in your lower lashes. You should not be surprised by how much it makes your eyes look larger when done this way. If you want to add definition to your eyes, you can apply false eyelashes as well.

Start by curling the top of your lashes and then start to curl the bottom ones. Start from the middle of your eye and continue moving outwards. The trick behind curling your lashes is that you will create a curl when you lift your upper lashes but not when you curl the bottom ones. When you are finished curling the lashes you should see a nice natural curl starting from the middle of your eyelashes and extending till the end of your eyelashes.

Some Additional Tips:

When you are finished applying mascara, you should wait fifteen to thirty seconds before you apply your eye shadow on your eye. Wait for another fifteen to thirty seconds before applying your eye makeup. You should use eye makeup that is waterproof because water-based makeup will last longer and provide you with a great look. For your eyes, I would choose something like Revlon New York or Maybelline New York mascara.


When you have applied your eye makeup, the next step is to start applying mascara. Start by curling your lashes again so that they are nice and flat. Start applying the mascara from the inside of your eye going all the way towards the outside. Once you have applied your first coat, you should put a little amount of water underneath your eye to keep your mascara moist. You should then brush your lashes with a soft bristle brush to make sure that the mascara gets into all of the tiny gaps and spaces of your eyelashes. You should repeat this process until you have reached your desired length.


When your eyelashes are completely dried, you can then wash them using a mascara remover gel. Make sure that you rinse your eyelashes thoroughly and then you can put them in a container with lukewarm water and make sure that everything stays separated. Put some hygienic conditioner on your eyelashes to help seal them. You should also use a special eyelash serum that helps to get rid of any problems from your lashes that may cause them to become more visible than before.

Final Discussion:

Finally, you should put some eye shadow on top of your eyelashes to give your eyes a look of fullness. This will make your eyes look beautiful and natural. You can even add some glitter mascara if you would like to add a little bit of glam to your eyes. These are some of the most important tips for perfect eyelash growth and you should follow them closely.

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